Ben Eine is one of London’s most prolific and original street artists. Anyone who visits East London on a regular basis will be familiar with the giant letters and words that adorn his preferred canvas and the walls and shop shutters of many businesses. Ben Eine hit the headlines when his piece “21st Century City” was given as a gift by David Cameron to Barak Obama on his first state visit to the USA in 2010. From single letters to complex and wry combinations, Eine’s alphabet can be found throughout London. His huge individual letters on shop shutters are in a style he has made his own, originality, a distinctive style and a clear profile sets his letters apart from all others. Ben Eine is not just a master graffiti artist though, he is also the man behind the printing of some of the most iconic works to come out of the Pictures on Walls studio over the years. Eine’s screen printing skills have helped produce some of street arts most sort after prints from arguably the greatest street artist on the planet including Banksy, Faile and his own work. Eine’s work has been exhibited in New York,  Los Angeles, Tokyo and all over Europe including V1 in Copenhagen (along with Banksy) and Collette in Paris. His painting commissions have also taken him worldwide and include trips to Israel, Australia and India. In 2013 Eine found a new champion of his work in millionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson. Branson’s airline Virgin Atlantic displayed 10 works by the artist in their upper-class clubhouses at Heathrow and New York’s JFK airport. The innovative move allowed passengers travelling between London and New York to view the works in a “virtual gallery” and acquire paintings by the shutter-painting superstar. 2014 saw Eine produce his largest and most ambitious works to date. The artist painted a monumental 400m long mural on the hoardings stretching the length of London’s Olympic Park. Titled “The Review”, Eine painted words describing the Olympic Games and its legacy in his signature brightly coloured circus font.

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