Curtis Kulig is an American artist, photographer, and illustrator. Born in 1981 in North Dakota, Curtis first began his multi-levelled artistic endeavour by experimenting with screen-printing and photography at a young age. After moving to New York at eighteen, Curtis established a cult-like following and eminent niche in the downtown culture of New York City. Since his move Curtis has collaborated with various artists, brands, and partnerships. Some of the artists include: Damien Hirst, Shepard Fairey, and Skullphone. Brands include: Ace Hotels, Nike, Converse, Burton, HBO Television, and The Standard NYC. He has also participated in solo exhibitions or group shows at NYEHAUS (NYC, 2011), Mallick Williams & Co (NYC, 2011), Leo Kesting (NYC, 2011), This Gallery (Los Angeles, 2010), Shadows Space (2009 Philadelphia) and Subliminal Projects (Los Angeles, 2008). The iconic message “Love Me” can be found scattered throughout the streets and rooftops of Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Tokyo, it is Mr. Kulig’s most renowned aesthetic. When an onlooker stumbles upon this honest expression, an interrogative experience emerges, turning “Love Me” into a sublime illocution. The most personal confrontation, found in the most public of places.

 ~ Curtis Kulig

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