Michael Viviani is a French artist born in 1981, in La Ciotat, France. He works and lives in London. Michael’s work is inspired by movie and music posters. He compose collages around these subjects and posters ripped from the streets. After Michael Viviani received his diploma in visual communication and graphic Arts at the Axe Sud school in Marseille, France, in 2003, he moved and worked in Paris for two years before moving to London, where he met Cyril Moumen, director of bite and Sting ltd (now he is the owner of Gallery Nosco), with whom he collaborated in the realization of diverse projects. In 2009 he started to create a few works about eroticism and since 2010 his artwork is essentially based on sexual graphics. “I think the common misunderstanding people tend to have towards sexual graphics is the provocation. A lot of people think it’s only to provoke, but for me it’s more about the nature of the relationship that develops between individuals due to desire. ~ Saatchi Art

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